Amazing Grace teams up with Wellspring Family Services to help homeless children at the holidays

Your donation will help thousands of homeless children and their families at Wellspring Family Services. To learn more, visit:

December Gift of the Month

Wellspring Family Services - gifts for homeless children & youth

Bring newunwrapped gifts to Amazing Grace by Sunday, December 16 (earlier is helpful):

  • Gift cards from easily reached stores also selling foods (Target, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Walmart)
  • New toys, multicultural books, arts & crafts, sports balls, and family games for all ages
  • Teen gifts: mp3 players, prepaid cell phones, hand-held video games, watches, headphones
  • New clothing, all sizes: warm jackets, gloves/scarves/mittens, socks/underwear/pjs, jeans/hoodies
  • Hygiene/personal care: dental care, ethnic hair products, shampoo/conditioner, soap, deodorant

Homeless Services and Prevention at Wellspring Family Services

When families don't have the money or support they need to make ends meet, looking for affordable, safe housing is discouraging. It takes time, money, and access to resources that seem completely out of reach. Making a phone call is difficult, making first month's rent is nearly impossible.

Wellspring Family Services understands that families have many concerns — finding a place to live and quality childcare, and buying the many things that children need. Wellspring’s services help find and maintain stable housing and provide a life full of opportunity for the entire family.

Services offered for families that are homeless or facing eviction include:

Wellspring offers many other services in support of healthy families, including counseling, domestic violence intervention, early childhood education and consultation, and parenting support. To learn more, visit