Dear Amazing Grace Community,

We are eight members of the congregation designated by the CORE Council to serve as your Senior Minister Selection Team.  It is the team’s job, with the assistance of Centers for Spiritual Living Home Office, to advertise the position and screen candidates, based on the values and vision of the congregation.

In late spring or early summer 2022, candidates we deem the best fit will be invited to interview in person, to speak, and to meet with the Amazing Grace community. Your assessment will be essential. Following the candidating period, the Selection Team will make a recommendation to the CORE Council, which, if accepted, will be voted on by the membership.

The Team will provide regular updates to the congregation.  We welcome your questions, comments, or concerns at any time. Prayers to achieve our collective vision for who we are becoming are also most welcome.

You can communicate directly with the Team:


Your Senior Minister Selection Team,

Ann Forest Burns, RScP, Team Lead

Chris Ellard

Shawn Garner, RScP

George Gregory

Judith Lonnquist

Laura McLeod

Mark Ruark

Kris Steinnes