Spiritual Counseling

Our Prayer Practitioners

Licensed Practitioners at Amazing Grace Spiritual Center have undergone four years of training in Spiritual Psychology and Affirmative Prayer, as well as ongoing spiritual study and practice.

Speak with one of our Prayer Practitioners if you are in need of inspiration, celebration of a major event in your life and/or healing in any area: financial, relational, health or career. You are God's wondrous gift. Let our Prayer Practitioners remind you of that!

Practitioners at Amazing Grace Spiritual Center support our spiritual community in a variety of ways:

- Prayer support before and prayer circle after Sunday Services
- Responding to your written, email and phone prayer requests

All of the above services are provided as a gift to our spiritual community.
Prayer Practitioners are also available for individual spiritual support sessions on a fee basis. A session with a Prayer Practitioner provides a safe, nurturing environment for you to explore your spiritual practices and current beliefs that you would like to change. You are provided with the opportunity to co-create a “new” thought in your life that allows you to change your thinking and change your life!

We believe "with God, all things are possible."
To schedule a spiritual counseling session,
contact one of our Prayer Practitioners listed below.

Allyson Hughes, RScP  (206) 259-1377 (cell)  (206) 706-8243 (home)
"I can assist you to bridge the GAP between where you are and where you want to be; you CAN have everything!"

Ann Forest Burns, RScP (206) 384-9671
"My passion is to support those near the end of life in having a mindful and graceful passing."

Ayanna Rosenberg, RScP (206) 383-4446

Brenda Seith, RScP (206) 303-8982

Rev. Colette Mercier (425) 891-7892

David Betz-Zall, RScP (206) 375-0186
"Whatever you see as holding you back, come and bring it to me. I will listen kindly and sincerely to whatever you bring. Together we'll explore how prayer and Universal Wisdom will change your situation and empower you to co-create the life you want to live. And will we pray? Oh, will we ever pray! "

Rev. Eric O'del (206) 402-2633

Gaelen Poage, RScP (206) 393_2860

Janice Rapp, RScP (206) 890-8721
"Supporting the spiritual insight of youth and adults."

John Hannaman, RScP (425) 351-0566

Joy Horntvedt, RScP (206) 713-3868

Justin Thuemler, RScP (206) 782-3877
"My Ministry is Inclusivity-Building within the global community and leadership through Unity and Love as a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner.  Knowing your highest Truth and celebrating your life, especially during the most challenging of life's conditions through prayer support. I also offer practitioner one-on-one sessions, small group practitioner sessions, teaching classes, service work, officiating memorials, visioning/art sessions and small group leadership, etc."

Lori Schultz Goff, RScP (206) 370-2057

Mary Van Zante, RScP (206) 931-5116

Rita Orr Heapes, RScP (306) 628-9599

Shawn Garner, RScP

Sprite Sunlight, RScP (206) 434-6994
"True imagination is not fanciful daydreaming, it is fire from heaven."  Ernest Holmes

Stephanie Scheer, RScP (206) 817-0350

Torito Keoni LeBord, RScP (206) 550-0008