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We’re recruiting hosts and events for Divine Dining 2021. We all know the social isolation that the pandemic created, and our friends in the congregation are craving to see one another. Hosting an event is a great way to connect with those you’ve missed, while we all continue to practice safe COVID procedures. Everything you need to know follows:

Your deadline to submit an event for the online auction is June 20th.
Simply follow the link above to fill in all your event details.

What is Divine Dining? It is a unique community builder and fun fundraiser for Amazing Grace Spiritual Center. Everyone bids in a silent auction to attend an event. These events are created and hosted by Amazing Grace folks. They involve inspired meals and activities of all kinds; they are casual picnics, cooking classes, elegant meals, fun food-related outings, boat rides - most anything goes, as long as food is involved. When you bid on an event in the auction, you’re bidding for a spot or “seat” at that event.

What’s different this year? While we work toward reopening to in-person services at Amazing Grace, recruitment for Divine Dining events and the auction to bid to attend events are completely online.

There will be two auction periods. Our kick-off auction of four events is going on now through Sunday, June 20th. This is to get people excited and in the Divine Dining “groove” while the second wave of events get turned in and organized. Your event goes into that second auction period that will run July 1 through July 18.

How can I be a host? Easy–just say you are interested! With support from our Divine Dining team, use the online event registration form (LINK ABOVE) to help you with your planning. Your registration must be received by June 20th. We will work with you to confirm your information and determine the starting bid price, and then include your event in the online auction. Feel free to ask a friend to join you as a co-host to share in the event duties and fun.

What about COVID? As the event host, you get to choose the parameters you want to feel comfortable in hosting. You can say all guests need to be fully vaccinated or masks are required, if you wish. This information will be included in your auction event listing so bidders know in advance what to expect.

What are the responsibilities of offering an event? We can assist you in your planning process, but you ultimately make the decisions about the theme of your event, what/where/when, anytime between JULY 23 - DECEMBER 31, 2021.

The financial responsibility will be yours or shared if you form a partnership with co-hosts. This is your tax-deductible donation to Amazing Grace.

Once the online auction is complete, we will email your list of guests to you. You will contact guests with the details of attending your event. The rest is up to you: to host, to create, to have fun!

What if I want to cook but do not have a place? What if I have a place but do not cook? What if I just want to help out with food or money or event prep? The Diving Dining Team will do some matching for you! If you’re an event host and you want help with a venue, chef or general help, you can indicate that on your event form. If you have one of these things to offer, just drop an email to Colette at

If you’re partnering in a significant way for an event, you can work out the financial responsibilities with your event partners.