Global Service Team Mission
We foster sustainable educational programs in collaboration with communities in the developing world.

Global Service Team Vision
Our vision is education and prosperity for all.

The Global Service team currently focuses on two education projects, one in Cambodia and the other in Kenya.

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Greenlight Education Center is located in Western Kenya, in a rural valley 45-minutes inland from Lake Victoria.

Mary Omollo began the school for young children who were orphaned from AIDS and soon it expanded to include every child in this valley.  Now the school serves over 200 students from nursery to Grade 7 and is registered with the state education board.

Mary Omalla and Kris Steinnes

Because of travel restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic, we postponed our September 2020 trip and we look forward to when we can reschedule this amazing journey. The school was closed from mid-March until the government opened schools on October 12th. During the pandemic time in 2020 there has been a danger of widespread hunger and starvation in this region due to the Covid-19 lockdown, as people cannot work and earn a living to purchase food. Agriculture is also suffering due to a locust infestation and flooding.

In early 2020, Amazing Grace Global Service Team sent $7,129 to support the village and school to meet the government requirements for the pandemic: including masks and soap, food, school supplies, two temporary classrooms built for social distancing, 25 desks, a Kitchen and Dining Hall Building, isolation medical room with 2 beds, thermo guns, and first aid kits.

We have raised $4,790 for teacher salaries and student lunches through December, 2020.

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Children at Greenlight Education Kenya

School Operation Funds needed for 2021: $18,400
$15,000 Teacher salaries, pre-school through Grade 7.

$2,400 Lunch meals.
$1,000 miscellaneous needs, such as additional masks or supplies to manage the school.

Long term goals:  $80,000
$55,000 Three permanent buildings housing six classrooms (Grade 1 - 8).

$15,000 Well for permanent water supply for vegetable and tree planting for shade.
$2,000 Desks for 6 new classrooms.
$3,000 Books and classroom supplies.

$5,000 Library

Donate on Go Fund Me for Kenya Service Projects

Brown Bear Car Wash ticket fundraiser! For $21, you receive 3 Beary Clean car wash tickets, value $30.  For $41, you receive 6 tickets, value $60. Buy now on our Go Fund Me campaign to meet immediate fundraising needs at the Greenlight Center.

For questions and to indicate interest, Kris Steinnes is lead for the Greenlight Education Center and can be reached through


Cambodian Children's Destiny

Cambodian Childrens Destiny School

Immediate Fundraising for hunger relief

The economy in Cambodia, with its dependency on tourism, is severely depressed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Phum O village and surrounding farmlands have been badly impacted and there are many families in the village without enough food to survive. Sokhun, administrator of CCD, has requested we support the village with three months of staple food to help them through this difficult time. The Global Service Team sent $1,972 in June to meet immediate needs.

An additional $3,802.50 will feed sixty families for two months. Your donation will purchase rice and staples to help hungry families get through the pandemic. We will reassess that need as time goes on. Any amount you can give is very appreciated.    Donate on Go Fund Me for Cambodian Childrens Destiny

About Phum O School

Cambodian Children's Destiny is a Cambodian based non-profit, primarily building and administering a school specializing in augmenting local education with essential skills. This school serves over 400 students and provides English Language and Computer Skills training. It includes classrooms, bathrooms, sports fields, a library and computer lab. There are also western style accommodations for volunteers.

Global Service Team Phum O Update

January 2020 was a delightful 5th year anniversary and celebration of the Cambodia Children’s Destiny (CCD) School complex in Phum O. Members of our Global Service Team from Seattle traveled to the village outside of Siem Riep to celebrate and lend some hands. We planted trees, contributed to the installation of solar powered lighting for the school and the village as well as many maintenance related projects. We also raised over $14,000 to fund the school for another year.

service team in Cambodia

The school has been closed for months due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We have continued financial support of the school and teachers through the pandemic. Teachers have been upskilling and planning lessons, and water collection and agricultural projects have been completed, which will provide long term benefits for the cultivation of lemons and other gardening.

In June 2020, grades 9 and 12 are back in school, and they are eager to get back to the work of learning.

School Budget for 2021    $15,000 for administrative costs

It currently costs $3,750.00 each quarter to keep the doors open and pay all of the teacher salaries and supplies.  There are several plans underway to develop sustainable funding models for the school. They now have a beautiful accommodations building to house volunteers while they are in Cambodia. There is a new team developing a website presence to promote the CCD school model and to generate more funds for operations. We appreciate all support and donations, large and small.  Please also consider a recurring monthly or quarterly donation to help fund the school year round.

Donate on Go Fund Me for Cambodian Children's Destiny
Primary Contact:
Cal Boyle 

Keep up with goings-on at CCD for updates and photos. Follow Cambodian Children's Destiny on Facebook

All the work that we do is grounded in our spiritual philosophy and way of life.