Additional School Operation Funds needed for 2022: $15,400

$12,000: Teacher’s salaries, pre-school through Grade 8

$2,400: Lunch meals

$1,000: Tables and benches for lunchroom

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Long term goals:  $80,000

$55,000: Three permanent buildings housing six classrooms to complete the school to 8th grade
$15,000 : Well for permanent water supply for vegetable and tree planting for shade
$2,000: Desks for 6 new classrooms
$3,000: Books and classroom supplies
$5,000: Library
About Greenlight Education Center

Mary Omollo began the school for young children who were orphaned from AIDS and soon it expanded to include every child in this valley.  Now the school serves over 200 students from nursery to Grade 8 and is registered with the state education board.

Our first Service and Safari trip to Kenya was in September 2018. We provided funds for one large building with two classrooms, solar power, water tanks, toilets, desks, a fenced yard, a student meal program and teachers' salaries.

Completed projects for Greenlight Education Center as of September, 2021:

$3,000 for new toilets to replace toilets that sank in severe flooding
$250 for mattresses for grade 8 students to sleep over at the school for tutoring for their national exams they must take in March 2022
$7,129 sent to help with the impact from COVID-19, locust and flood damage for the school and village which included:• Food, masks and soap for students, teachers and villagers
• Two temporary classrooms built for social distancing
• 25 desks
• Kitchen and dining hall building
• Isolation medical room with 2 beds, thermo guns and first aid kits
• School suppliesVisit us on Facebook -  Kenya Greenlight Education Center