Anyone can take part in the online auction to “buy a seat” at one or more of the fun events we have in store for Divine Dining 2021.

With the auction being online this year, everything is different about it. We encourage you to read through this to learn how to get the most out of your auction experience. Our event hosts are generously covering all event expenses as a donation to Amazing Grace. Your ticket purchases also benefit Amazing Grace’s operating budget to bring services and programs to the congregation.

Note that options are listed as two campaigns:

  1. Fixed Price items (includes blueberry picking and the quilt raffle for our Cambodian school) Click here
  2. Donate to support our new website and improved livestreaming Click here

Whichever campaign you start out in, be sure to click on “Other campaigns” in the lower right to see the other campaigns as well.

What about COVID? Safety is of the foremost importance at Divine Dining events. Event hosts get to set the parameters for their event and you’ll see things like “vaccinated guests only” or “masks required.” Those guidelines are listed in each event entry so you know in advance, and hosts will remind you of these guidelines when they contact you with event details.

So how does it work? Each event shows the number of seats available and the “INFO” icon takes you to the event description and details. There will be both a minimum next bid price and a higher Buy-It-Now price. Buy-It-Now says it all. Choose that item and you are done. No checking back, no bidding wars. It goes into your basket and you pay once for any event purchases you make.

For bidding, you can see how many seats are available for an event and what the current top bid is. You click on “bid” and it takes you to the page where you enter your bid. The program automatically adds a minimum $1 increase to each bid. That cannot be changed, though you can certainly bid more.

The current bid price shows the top bid level. If you lose the lead, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your event spot. To see that, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the recent bids made. For example, if it’s an event for eight, you may get bumped from the top spot, but you’ll move to the #2 spot. When the auction closes, the TOP EIGHT bidders will win a seat. If you start at the top of the list and drop all the way down to spot #9, you can again place a bid for $1 or more above the top bid price and you’ll pop back up to #1 on the list.

The Blueberry Picking event has a set price of $10, so everyone gets the same Buy-It-Now price right away.  (Unfortunately, we can’t remove the bidding option; ignore it and go straight to Buy-It-Now.

To buy raffle tickets for the quilt benefiting Cambodian Childrens' Destiny School, be sure to choose the Buy-It-Now $10 price as well.

The closing date for the blueberries and the raffle is August 13th.

How do I know if I’ve been outbid? Or if I’ve won an event when the auction closes? If you put your phone number in when you enter your name, you’ll get a text every time your bid someone else bids higher. If you don’t want to receive so many texts, don’t enter your phone number and you’ll get notification by email instead.

What if I’m a couple and we want two seats? This one is little tricky and a shortcoming of this auction program. To do this, you need to bid as two separate people from two different email addresses. So one bidder is 'susan@comcast.net' and she bids as herself, and 'teresa@yahoo.com' bids as herself about the same time. If the auction ends and you’re split up (i.e. Susan wins a seat, but Teresa does not), we’ll work with your host to see if they can take an extra guest at the event. Our apologies for this inconvenience in the auction system.

How do I pay?   Auction #1 closes on July 18th at 6 pm. Auction #2 closes on August 13th at 1 pm. All your winning bids are placed in your basket and you'll be notified by text or email, as you chose. However, any 'Buy-It-Now' purchases will be charged to you immediately. Just check out with your credit card or bank account info and you’ll receive a statement/receipt for all your purchases. Please pay as soon as you are notified of winning. We will hold your purchase for up to 5 days maximum. At that point, unpaid purchases are forfeited and we’ll go to the next person on the non-winning list see if they want the event seat in your place.

Then what? The event guest list goes to the host and they will contact you roughly two weeks before the event with any details like parking. Make sure to write your event dates down on your calendar so you don’t lose track of them.

What are “Other Ways to Support”?  Just another way to support Amazing Grace. You can choose the “donation campaign” to help us build our new website and further improve our livestreaming capabilities. Thank you for all the ways you support Amazing Grace!