Workshop: Storytelling as a Tool for Transformation

Why: To change our life we must change the story we are telling about our life. This workshop is designed to reignite the natural story-telling genius with which we were all born.

We teach, “Consciousness is Cause,” and the stories we are consciously or unconsciously telling and retelling are creating the life we are now living. Take control, and tell your story with a happy ending.

What: We will play games to reactivate your inner child’s wisdom of imagination and creativity;
through guided mediation, ignite the unlimited potentiality, wisdom and guidance of your Higher Self;
“sit around the campfire” and tell stories of past battles won, dragons slayed, and glories yet to be.

In other words, we are going to have fun. And we will be doing some serious work – learning that we can take charge of our story, and, in so doing, direct the course of our life’s journey.

Who (Facilitators): Steve Sanders and Justin Thuemler

How much: Love offering ($20 suggested donation)

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May 06 2018


12:30 PM - 03:00 PM
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